Thanks for taking a look! Though I’ve I spent most of my life in front of the camera, (acting in both film and television) I have an unrivaled passion for being behind the camera as a photographic artist.

My specialty is ACTOR HEAD SHOTS as well as CORPORATE HEAD SHOTS for REALTORS, ATTORNEY’S, and BUSINESS OWNERS. Many of my clients use these photos on their business cards and web sites. They realize that a good head shot is your calling card in most any profession.

Besides HEAD SHOTS, I also have a fervor for photographing PLANTS & FLOWERS, SCENIC LANDSCAPE, REAL ESTATE RENDERINGS for the MLS as well as TROPICAL settings.  Being an avid golfer, I have a particular fondness for my GOLF COURSE renderings.


PRIVATE COMMISSIONS are available upon consultation and job description. Private commissions are where I photograph someone’s favorite landscape setting, (a rendering of their home, or garden, or view, etc.)



 “The Enchanted Garden.”

This rendering was the backyard garden of the former Charlie Chaplin Estate. Extensive photo shop work was done to enhance what was already there. The client wanted it to have a feeling of a fairy tale. The final image was enlarged to 40”x60” and was printed on stretch canvas. It looks like a painting.